Shri balaji said...

Why dont u dare to talk about Quran and Bible why do u talk only about Hinduism..U cannot read bible when it crosses 100 pages do u know read it if u can.. why dont u speak about that If u have the real guts my friend..dont jus speak about one religion if ur idealogy is common then apply to all religions if u are speaking only about hinduism then ur idealogy is not common its only a Anti-Hindu idealogy do u understand..

I am born as a Hindu. Hence, I have a responsibility to Hinduism. It is just like sweeping your home, if you find some dust. You will not normally clean the houses of others even if they ask you. Suppose you go to their houses and start cleaning without being asked, you will be misunderstood.

We do not ask for remuneration when we clean our own homes. When we do some work for others, we may have to ask for price of the service. Doing this paid work for others, we can think of , when they approach us with a request.

Suppose, there is some dirt/dust in our home. It is very ancient, say of 50 generations back. Won't we clean it? Do we worship it because it is ancient and passed on from generation to generation? Bricks, terracotta and other items may have some antique value. We may keep them. But we do not revere or worship them.

Reading the scriptures of our own religion will take a life-time. I do not know when I can complete reading the 108 Upanishads. Can we find time to make an in-depth fault-finding study of scriptures of other religions?

Please do not therefore view at atheists in your religion, who criticise some traditional malpractices observed by them, as your enemies or some paid agents of other religions. They are doing some service to the religion in which they are born. There is no anti-Hindu ideology in it.

Commenting on scriptures cannot be the monopoly of only the temple preachers and priests. Atheists and Marxists can work without a bias because they do not earn their comforts and luxuries by selling religion. Preachers and Priests, on the other hand, glorify and magnify the scriptures and Gods beyond reason because they have to run the show.

It is true that conversions by false promises, are causing incalculable damage to Hinduism. The right response to conversions, is not to hate Christian missionaries or Islamic Clerics. The Hinduism has to cleanse itself to eliminate those negative aspects which are making innocent persons to leave Hinduism.

A religion becomes great when it identifies its own shortcomings and weaknesses , and corrects them in a gentle manner. A religion which corrects its own errors when outsiders point out, is also good. A religion which hates to correct itself on its own volition or when others point out decays and stagnates. Over a period of time, it becomes irreparable. People remain in illiteracy and poverty because their whole time is dedicated to satisfy the religious preachers.

Some examples of this type of approach:
Example 1 :A student who persistently wants to maintain his beard because he elders want him to maintain it, undergoes considerable stress. He , given his personal freedom, may want, to shave his beard and look trimmer. But his community does not allow him to shave. The student knows that he has become an oddman out in his College or University.

Example 2: A girl wants to hide herself in a full burqa, because her community forces her to wear a burqa. She may personally have a strong desire to wear a dress which is similar to others and does not make her to look odd.