Thursday, February 15, 2007

025 Atharvana Veda Central Theme

025 Atharvana Veda, Introduction and Central Theme

atharvaNa vEda (also called atharva vEda) is the fourth of the Indian Sacred Books - The Vedas. Though the Vedas are four in number, initially there seemed to be only three: Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, and Sama Veda. Atharvana Veda was apparently added later.

How did AtharvaNa vEda get its name?

Atharva or atharvaNa is the name of a sage, who is believed to have originated the treatise.


Charms to cure diseases.

Charms to chase away evil spirits occupying a sufferer's mind and body.

Charms to attract women.

Charms to prevent one's own woman(en) being attracted by others.

Charms to weaken enemies.

Charms to get protection from one's own enemies.

Charms to cleanse one's own sins.

AtharvaNa vEda is more akin to sub-vEdas like AyurvEda (traditional Indian medical science), dhanurvEda (archery), sthapatya vEda (architecture and sculpture), arthaSAstra (economics) etc.

Some scholars consider atharva vEda as non-Aryan. This idea needs proof.


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